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By Dayana Guerrero

Art - Social media was born in NYC with the purpose of offering brand development solutions through visually creative, state of the art web design and social media marketing. We work in the New York metro area, which enables us to offer personalized services for our local clients. Our firm is focused on serving small businesses located in the five boroughs, Westchester and Long Island. We understand the importance of personalization in brand development in order to accurately convey your vision to your target market. Art – Social Media services implement our uniquebrand and online marketing strategies to allow our clients to compete on a global scale.




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With an artistic vision, we create or renew customized brand materials and websites in conjunction with social media strategies. As Graphic Designers, we are able to develop unique and inspired methods to connect and communicate with future and current customers.  


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing 

Art-Social Media offers the most powerful marketing tools for your business.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell”

— Seth Godin


Publicist, Graphic Designer &  SEO analyst

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Graphic Designer & Photographer 

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